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Get eLearning used

No nonsense expert advice.

If you are considering implementing eLearning in your organisation for the first time, this guide will help you maximise the impact for your Learners.

Once you read this eBook, you'll be able to:

  • 1. Create an identity
    Develop a name and logo for your eLearning courses/solution/environment.

  • 2. Spell out the personal benefits
    Explain what is in it for them

  • 3. Enlist visible top level support
    The message from the top needs to include how eLearning fits into the organisation’s working and learning culture and how staff are expected to use it to improve their performance and maintain compliance.

  • 4. Keep talking - on every channel
    Keep your Learners up to date with any new courses, the most popular course over a period, the most talked about, case studies from people who’ve directly benefited from the learning.

  • 5. Be relevant and timely
    Wherever you can, promote specific eLearning courses and the benefits of taking them just when the topic is most relevant and students are most motivated.


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We know that many organisations are looking for a complete training solution and at Engage in Learning we are pleased to be able to offer you just that.

Our beautifully designed, highly engaging off the shelf elearning library covers the needs we all share: from Legal Compliance to Health & Safety, Business Skills to Customer Services, IT and Email Management skills to Leadership and Coaching. Our courses are complemented by our flexible Totara Learn Learning Management Systems.

One of our flexible LMS packages will give you the tools to manage learner options and provide the management information you need to optimise results.