Multi-device eLearning

Thinking of adopting a multi-device learning strategy?

No need to be confused.

Here at Engage in Learning, we want to make your life as easy as possible. So if you are considering multi-device eLearning, this guide will help you understand this approach and know which content areas would be best suited to this area of learning.



Once you read this eBook, you'll be able to:
  •  Know how to deliver a multi-device learning strategy- Does your LMS support mobile delivery? Does it offer an app? How will you track completion and performance?
  • Understand how to get started with multi-device learning - Will it engage staff? Will it work? Will it save time or cost time?
  • Understand what a multi-device learning strategy is- Is this similar to mobile learning? What can multi-device learning offer a business? Will this make learning on the go possible?